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On this page you will find all kinds of tools to help you use Exsion Reporting Dynamics 365 Business Central.

- The Exsion Reporting Dynamics 365 Business Central manual
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It is also possible to follow an Exsion Reporting training. Follow this link: Our training overview.

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Exsion Dynamics 365 Business Central  Installation Manual 

The Exsion Reporting Dynamics 365 Business Central Manual

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Exsion Reporting for Dynamics 365 Business Central


1. Is Exsion Reporting for Business Central available in my country
Exsion Reporting is available for English and Dutch-speaking countries. We deliver Exsion on premise, and as an extension and app on AppSource.

2. How do I install Exsion Reporting?
Download the App from AppSource. Send an email to We will send you the Excel add-in and a trial license. Install the file and fill in the connection details to establish a connection with your Business Central tenant.

3. Is Exsion Reporting easy to learn?
Yes. You can learn Exsion Reporting in one day, provided you have a working knowledge of Excel and are familiar with Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central.

4. Can I create financial reports in Exsion Reporting?
Yes. You can create any report you want, because all data available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) can be downloaded.

5. Is Exsion Reporting intended as a tool to create financial reports only? No, any report can be made with Exsion.

6. Does Exsion Reporting provide me with the latest data?
Yes. Once you hit the refresh key, the most recent data will be displayed in your Excel sheet.

7. Can I subscribe for support?
Yes. You can conclude a support contract (with a three-user licence) for an annual fee of € 300. Payment must be made in advance. 

8. Do you have a support portal?
Yes. Submit your support questions 24/7 to our portal (either in English or Dutch), by sending an e-mail to We answer during Dutch business hours, during which you also can call us:
(+31) 182 580411

9. How many customers use Exsion Reporting?
We add new customers every day. As of October 20th 2019, we now have over 775 customers.

10. Does Exsion work with Power BI?
Yes. Exsion data are considered a data source for Power BI. Exsion helps you to structure data you want to analyse.

11. Who owns Exsion Reporting
Exsion Reporting is owned by HB Software, a Dutch software house with almost 30 years of experience in ERP and reporting.