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HB Software bezoekt events om bij te blijven en organiseert events voor onze relaties. Hieronder tref je het overzicht aan.



Informatie over nieuwe ontwikkelingen en andere interessante onderwerpen hebben we hier voor je verzameld.



We zijn trots op onze nieuwe klanten en implementaties. Een nieuwe implementatie wordt beloond met een feestelijke taart. 



Hier vind je belangrijke updates en nieuwe releases van onze eigen software of van onze partners, waaronder Microsoft.

Betonmortelcentrale Gorkum Uses Business Central

On February 3, 2020, the time had come. The official go-ahead to work with Business Central. Our tasty HB pie again created...
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Exsion Newsletter February 2020

Get Your Work Done Faster! The motto above is our goal. Everybody is busy and not in the mood to perform all...
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HB Software | Winter 2020 Newsletter

What should you do when the world around you is changing? Adapt here and there, keep what is good and continue. Which...
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HB Software at Corporatieplein | September 24th 2020

CorporatiePlein is the leading trade fair on Operational Management, ICT and Innovation for housing corporations. HB Software is one of the participants.
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HB Software newsletter | November 2019

It continues to go well with Exsion Reporting, we now have 980 clients. That’s 41 more than at the beginning of the year...
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NEW! Exsion training courses 1-on-1 online training

This training can be attended from anywhere!
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