Quality reports on the harbour master’s desk within 5 minutes

Schutter Group

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If others are waiting for you

Their world

Schutter Group is an international logistics service provider. One of their services is checking and monitoring the quality of the goods when they are on route. That means that other ships can only unload when the Schutter Group gives them the green light.

Being quick and working good

Their challenge

If an entire logistics chain is waiting for you then speed is of the essence. You don’t want a traffic jam in the harbour. At the same time, the work needs to be done thoroughly. To maintain its leading position, it is crucial for the Schutter Group to rectify all the discrepancies.

Leave no room for errors

Our insight

Software really makes all the difference in this world. The various systems weren’t linked to each other in the old situation, the checks were entered by hand and the reports, required for a ship to dock, were drafted by hand. The biggest challenge was to leave as little room as possible for errors between checking and the approval by the harbour master.  

Reports at lightning speed

The result

The controllers at the Schutter Group now work directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Their findings – from the colour of the bananas to the safety levels of gas transportation - are entered directly. Dynamics NAV translates the input into conclusions that are automatically processed in Exsion Reporting. The harbour master gets his report within five minutes, straight from Exsion. So no more traffic jams in the harbour but the quality levels are assured. 

Did you know that it only takes one day to implement Exsion Reporting?

Yes, really. The software is installed within 5 minutes and, as a user, you will be making reports within one day. If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself with a free trial license!

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