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Bouwstoffen Unie

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From source to building site

Their world

Bouwstoffen Unie works in construction supplies ‘from source to building site’. With its own fleet of river vessels and landing wharfs spread throughout Germany and the Netherlands, they take care of the products long journeys to their final destinations. You will find products provided by Bouwstoffen Unie on many building sites in the Netherlands. 

Gain time with the small things

Their challenge

The trade in raw materials for construction is incredibly complicated. The order process not only counts in cubic metres and tonnes but price agreements for ship rentals and even river maintenance must also be considered. For bulk trade – in which the margins are already very limited – it is important not to waste time fiddling with the order process. 

Making complicated simple

Our insight

We regularly work with raw material suppliers and know from experience that their load can be lightened by making their complicated trade simpler. Bouwstoffen Unie keeps a file of each ship in their administration. All a ship’s activities – whether paying a wharf surcharge or earnings from ship rentals – you can convert them into units that Dynamics NAV and Exsion Reporting can use to perform calculations.

Time for more important things

The result

Where the Bouwstoffen Unie controllers used to take weeks to collect some management reports, it now takes only a few days. Via Dynamics, Exsion is accessible from the water or the office. That means Bouwstoffen Unie has time left to focus on the really important issues. 

Where others stop Exsion Reporting continues

Bouwstoffen Unie works with a sector-oriented add-on on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Where other reporting and BI solutions only run on the platform, Exsion Reporting runs on Dynamic add-ons. So you really need just one solution.

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